SceneVR is a multiuser server for Virtual Reality experiences

Build scenes using our editor, simple markup, or pure javascript. Your users can connect to the scene, play, and chat with each other.

Powered by Javascript

SceneVR scenes are written in a declarative markup like html, with behaviour added using javascript. Your scenes run on a node.js server which lets multiple people connect and interact together.

WebVR and Native Apps

SceneVR has been built from the ground up to support WebVR, and for platforms that don't have good webvr support (like the samsung gear vr), we have a native app that displays scenes at 60 frames per second.

Privately Hosted

You can host SceneVR scenes anywhere you can run node.js (heroku, amazon web services, digital ocean, any virtual private server) - or for a monthly fee, we will host your scene and make it accessible to your customers through our web interface.

Follow us for more

SceneVR is under active development. Follow us on twitter to keep up to date and try out the betas as they are released.


Some of the work in progress that has been built in SceneVR.

Image 07.29 Image 05.50 Image 08.08 Image 08.32 Image 05.42 Image 04.54 Image 06.42 Image 05.26 Image 08.02 Image 06.23 Image 07.21 Image 06.33 Image 07.38 Image 06.07 Image 05.20 Image 07.51 Image 07.14 Image 08.16 Image 07.08 Image 06.14 Image 07.46 Image 08.49 Image 06.48 Image 04.49 Image 08.55 Image 05.02